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Kid`s parties in Karas


<p><strong>Karas prepared a holiday offer </strong><br>* Thematic design<br>* Variety of dishes<br>* Bright and colorful event<br><br>The cost per person is 2500 AMD.<br>* This special offer is available in Karas shopping center Yerevan Mall.<br>Package includes:<br>2 big pizzas (Palermo and Chick Marley)<br>5 chicken pieces on sticks<br>1 portion of karas salad<br>1 portion of Grandma's salad<br>5 portions of french fries<br>1 portion of bread<br>5 bottles of cola / fantasy or compote<br><br>We also prepared a GIFT. We will provide a 5,000 AMD gift card for every 5th children. For registration and other details, please call 091 244 248.</p>