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Karas. 13th branch in Charbax


<p><strong>Karas. 13th branch in Charbax</strong></p><p>On September 21, Karas has launched its third branch in Shengavit district on 86/7, Artashisyan str. It will work in a café-bistro format. The total area of the bistro is 70 sq.m.</p><p>There will be about 300 dishes presented in the menu, which are served in all branches of the chain. One of the advantages of this new branch is the open-air café, which will give an opportunity to enjoy your meal outside during the warm seasons.</p><p>“Our main goal is to be more available and closer to everyone. This idea is reflected not only in the diversified menu or affordable prices, but also in our goal of having branches in all districts of the capital. I want to note that we will continue our extension and in 2019 we will open some more branches countrywide. However, we won’t be satisfied with what has already been achieved and in the future we will please our customers with the new ideas", - the director and the co-owner of the chain - Tigran Yuzbashyan has noted.</p><p>Like in all other branches, in Charbakh branch standard offers of the chain will be available: tasty and fast delivery, non-cash payments, hotlines and many other opportunities. The café-bistro is open from 10:00 till 00:00.</p>