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Voice order - novelty in delivery market


<p>Introducing a new option - voice order will also be available as an order option for delivery from Karas. Being concerned with the improvement of the its delivery service, Karas food delivery chain is introducing a new and easy way to order food.</p><p>From now on, a <strong>voice-order </strong>option will be available to Karas' customers.</p><p>We value the time of our customers and we want them to spend less time and energy and not only to eat delicious food but also to order delivery, - says co-founder of Karas Tigran Yuzbashyan. &nbsp;</p><p>Any innovation of the service quality allows us to connect more closely with our loyal customers, also new services are the best way to get new customers. We want to mention that we are the only company that provides this option to its customers. We also would like to inform you that the new <strong>voice order</strong> service of Karas operates through Viber / WhatsApp applications with the number +374 91 32 55 55 55.Voice order - novelty in delivery market.</p>