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Profitable delivery from Karas

Make 19,000 AMD order and get 6 liters of beverages as a GIFT: 2 liters of Tan Karas, 2 liters of Coca-cola, and 2 liters of mineral water.

Profitable and delicious set to enjoy with family

The package includes juicy chicken grill, 1 grilled pepper, 2 portions of potato plech + GIFT strained yogurt salad and two 0.5l Coca-Cola. Order it for only 4900 AMD.

Delicious children's set from Karas

Best offer for children and their parents․ The package includes 1 large Karas pizza, 2 french fries, 2 bottles of Coca-Cola 0.5 l. Order for only 3900 AMD instead of 4800 AMD.

Kebab Mood Is On In Karas

The set includes: 2 portions of chicken, beef and Karas kebabs, 2 portions of hot pepper 2 portions of potato plech 2 portions of grilled vegetables 1 portion of summer salad. Order it only for 8.990 AMD instead of the previous 10.700 AMD.

New Function from Karas-Voice Order

Now from Karas you can also make a Voice Order. The new service works with apps Viber / WhatsApp, which are available at corporate number +374 91 32 55 55.

It’s cheaper together

Order a combo with the chicken burger for only 1600 AMD instead of the 1800 AMD. It includes chicken burger, french fries, and Tan 0.5 liters.

It’s cheaper together

Order a combo with the beef burger for only 1800 AMD instead of the 2200 AMD. It includes beef burger, french fries, and Coca-cola 0.5 liters.

It’s delicious together

Order a combo with the chicken shawarma for only 1550 AMD instead of the 1850 AMD. It includes chicken shawarma, Bulgarian vinaigrette and 0.5 liters Tan.

It's beneficial together

Order a combo with the pork shawarma for only 1750 AMD instead of the 2150 AMD. It includes pork shawarma, strained yogurt salad and Coca-cola 0.5 liters.