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Combo with beef hamburger

Combo with chicken shawarma

Combo with pork shawarma

Cool and delicious summer offer from #Karas.

No matter how many new and interesting dishes, unimaginable flavoring combinations the cooks invent - all the same, nothing will replace an ideal combination of "bread-cheese-watermelon". And you still doubt to try or not? Come to Karas and we will prove that chilling during a summer heat is incredibly tasty!

Get 6l of drinks for 19.000 AMD orders (2l Tan Karas, Coca-Cola, Mineral Water)

Drink as a GIFT

Karas and Captain Kid Fun Center launched a joint

The bigger your kid's party, the more profitable it is to celebrate in Karas. Visit Karas located in the Yerevan Mall shopping center and celebrate the memorable moments of your kid with us and get a 5000 AMD gift card from the Captain Kid entertainment center for every 5th child.

Vodka as a GIFT

Order 4 portion of khash and get one bottle of Gradus vodka as a gift.